Balance Activities for Older Adults

Balance activities can help you maintain bone and muscle strength, improve posture, and decrease the risk of injury from falling. Try incorporating balancing activities into your daily routine to maintain a vibrant and healthful life.

Getting Started

Find a stable surface to hold on to. This could be a chair, kitchen counter, or sturdy table.

Balancing Activities

Balancing on one foot

Stand close to a sturdy surface to hold on to if necessary, with feet shoulder width apart. Try standing on one foot for five seconds, alternating, and then lengthening the time if you feel comfortable. For an added challenge, try tracing the alphabet with your raised foot!

Walking heel-toe

Try to walk heel to toe across the living room, kitchen, or wherever else you feel comfortable. If your balance is unsteady, just try walking along heel to toe holding on to a counter or table.

Side and back leg raises

Stand holding onto a stable surface with feet shoulder width apart. Raise one leg to the side, hold for a few seconds, and lower. Repeat five times on one side if comfortable, and then alternate. Try doing the same thing except lifting your leg out behind you, hold, lower, and repeat.

Knee marching

While holding on to something stable, raise your knees up and down in a slow march. Increase speed or try marching without holding onto a stable surface when comfortable.

Remember: Talk to your doctor before you start any new exercise plan and stop the movement if you feel any discomfort.

Did You Know?

If you’re having a hard time balancing, you can try focusing on something still at eye level or hold your arm out to the side to try and stay steady.