5 Tips for Staying Physically Active in College

Going to college is an exciting and busy time in life. While it may be a challenge to find time to fit physical activity into your schedule, doing so may make you feel and look better and also help you do better and be more focused and efficient in class!

Consider some of the ideas below to stay active and healthy while in college.

  1. Bike instead of driving. Instead of driving or taking the bus around town or to campus, consider biking. Make sure to wear a helmet and pay attention to the cars and other bikes around you.
  2. Try some fitness classes at the rec center. Campus recreation centers offer a wide variety of group fitness classes, such as cycling, Zumba, indoor climbing and yoga. Working out in a group fitness setting can help provide motivation and a fun social atmosphere, as well as help meet others that are striving to be fit and healthy!
  3. Find a workout partner. Being physically active with a friend can help to keep you both accountable, and it often makes working out more enjoyable.  Consider meeting up with a friend twice a week to go for a run or bike ride or play outdoor volleyball or kickball with a group of friends!
  4. Write it in your planner. Make physical activity a required part of your agenda, just like you do for classes or homework.  By planning ahead and scheduling physical activity into your week, you will be more likely to follow through!
  5.  Walk between classes. If you have a break between classes, whether it is ten minutes or one hour, go for a walk around campus. This will allow you to be physically active, while also exploring different parts of your college!

There are many benefits to being physically active during college including mental, physical, and social benefits. See how you can fit physically activity into your daily schedule and routine!

Did You Know?

Many campuses offer free classes at the rec center for the first week of the semester. Try out as many classes as you can that week to see which ones you like!