Time Management Tips for Staying Fit and Active

Whether you are in school, at your first “real” job, or simply trying to manage responsibilities and a social life, you may find yourself in a new environment with a busy schedule and distractions.

Follow these time management ideas to help you stay fit while balancing a busy lifestyle!

  • Establish a routine. Figure out what works best for you and stick with it, whether it means hitting the gym after work in the evening or going for a run in between class. Whatever works best for you, schedule activity into your daily agenda and make it a habit or a routine.
  • Set goals. Setting goals can help you stay motivated and make time to be active. Try writing down your fitness goals in your planner or on a calendar, to make it easier to track your progress. Don’t forget to reward yourself for completing them!
  • Sign up for a class. Having a scheduled class or paying for classes can make you feel accountable and more likely to participate. It may also help you establish a routine and give you a chance to get away and de-stress for an hour.
  • Get away from the screen and play! Among the TV, smartphones, and laptops, screen time can be a huge distraction and time-drain. Set rules for yourself, limit your amount of screen time, and replace excess screen time with physical activity.
  • Join an intramural sport. Not only can it be fun, but it can also serve as a time to get out and socialize, allowing you to be active and social at once! There are generally many options to choose from—everything from ultimate Frisbee to volleyball, soccer and softball!

Make time for physical activity and feel its effects!

Did You Know?

Fitting in time to be physically active can improve your mental health and mood, prevent weight gain, and strengthen your bones and muscles.