Get Moving with Walking Meetings

A new trend of walking meetings has not only been shown to increase workplaces satisfaction, but also enhance the development of generating new ideas. Instead of meeting a colleague or client at a desk, try meeting while walking outside or in an open indoor space.

Think on your feet while boosting creativity and activity by planning a walking meeting using the tips listed below:

  • Planning a meeting. Begin by deciding if a walking meeting will be appropriate for your group and task. Walking meetings generally work best for a small group of people (generally two-three) that are able to be physically active. Contact meeting participants ahead of time to ask for their consent. Plan on walking on a familiar path, trail, or track that is easily accessible.
  • Prepare for the weather. If you choose to walk outside, plan ahead by having the appropriate gear with you at work. Use sunglasses and sunscreen on warm days and bundle up with a jacket, hat, and gloves on cooler days. Keep extra supplies in your office or send reminders to meeting participants for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Stay on task with an agenda. Provide meeting participants with a written agenda prior to the meeting. If conversation strays from the agenda, remind participants of the meeting agenda for a more efficient and productive experience.
  • Increase productivity by recording ideas. Plan to record your ideas by designating one person to take notes or having an electronic recorder. Electronic recorders can be found on most smart phones or can be purchased individually. Capture the details of your walking meeting with a recorder for a more productive experience.

Invigorate your workday by scheduling a walking work meeting!

Did You Know?

Increasing movement in the workplace with walking meetings has been shown to increase productivity by boosting employee:

  • Energy
  • Engagement
  • Efficiency

Make the most of your workday with walking work meetings!