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Weight Management for Women

Controlling weight can seem like a constant struggle for many women. Is it true that women have a harder time losing weight than men?  The answer is, “it depends,” and there are some gender differences that can add additional challenges for women. Size Men are usually bigger, and often have more muscle […]


Creating a Healthy Eating Pattern

Creating a healthy eating pattern doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Making just a few small adjustments can have a big impact on your overall health! Think about your eating and drinking patterns as a puzzle—you want to include foods and beverages which work well together to create a balanced or […]


Choosing Foods For Successful Weight Loss

Losing weight gradually rather than quickly is a healthier and much more effective solution for long-term weight loss. To lose weight, the number of calories you take in must be lower than the number of calories you burn. For healthy and steady weight loss with long-term results, consider increasing and […]