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Colorado Peaches

The peach industry in Colorado remains mostly a family business. Many growers live and work on orchards surrounding their homes, within communities that include similar farms and families. Often, the fruit in the orchard is a staple of the family’s table. This close proximity is strong motivation to use the […]


Food Preservation Without Sugar or Salt

by P. Kendall* (10/12) Quick Facts… All fruits can safely be canned or frozen without sugar. Sweet relish and pickle recipes do not adapt as well to sugar-free canning as do plain fruits. Use recipes from reliable sources. Process all pickles by the boiling-water method using timetables adjusted for altitude. Jams […]


Cost of Preserving and Storing Food

Quick Facts… Home food preservation saves money for some people. For others it may not save anything. Costs to consider when figuring the economics of food preservation include: produce and ingredients, equipment and supplies, fuel consumption, capital outlays, time and energy, and the cost of similar food preserved commercially. Freezing […]