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Food safety during pregnancy

Food Safety During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time when food choices and safe handling of food take on new importance. Pregnant women are at increased risk for foodborne illnesses. Hormonal changes during pregnancy suppress certain aspects of the mother’s immune system. Although important for the development of the baby, this can make her […]


Reusable Grocery Bags and Avoiding Foodborne Illness

Did you know? Only 15% of Americans regularly wash their reusable grocery bags, creating a breeding zone for harmful bacteria, including Norovirus, Salmonella, and E. coli. Regular washing reduces the numbers of bacteria in reusable bags by 99.9%. Learn more at: www.foodsafety.gov Many people now use reusable bags for grocery shopping as a […]


Simple Tips to Keep Your Food Safe

Below are four scenarios describing poor food safety practices. Beneath each scenario is a recommendation for how to handle each scenario more safely. Scenario #1 — You order that delicious cheese pizza to eat while watching the game. It sits on the coffee table for hours and you continue to eat it. […]