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Late Night Snacking

Do you ever head straight for the fridge or pantry after a long night of work, studying, or hanging out with friends? Late night snacks or “quick bites” often include foods high in salt, sugar, and/or saturated fat. These foods can be enjoyed in moderation, but when eaten regularly and […]


Getting to Know Portion Sizes

Knowing and using the recommended portion sizes for foods is an important part to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Food portions may be best understood by comparing the foods to common household items, weighing them on a food scale, or measuring foods using standard measuring cups. Packaged foods often […]


The Plate Method and Diabetes

Do you live with diabetes and feel confused about what or how much to eat? The Plate Method is a great tool to help you create a balanced meal, while controlling your diabetes. Use the Plate Method and follow these six simple steps at each meal: Use a 9-inch dinner plate. Divide […]