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School Policies for Classroom Treats

Remember when your mom made the best cupcakes or cookies and brought them to school for your birthday? Or when other parents brought in homemade goodies for holiday parties? Well, times have changed, and schools are now being held accountable for protecting both students and staff from a variety of […]


Ideas for Healthy School Treats

Special occasions celebrated at school are fun for everyone, but often these celebrations include treats that are loaded with sugar, salt, and/or saturated fat. Consider some of the healthier treats listed below for your child’s next school celebration. When available, choose whole grain options for fiber, a nutrient commonly deficient […]


Healthy Foods for Children’s Parties

When thinking about throwing a party for children, often balloons, games, and lots of salty and sugary treats come to mind. Of course, it is fine to serve some favorite ‘not-so-healthy’ treats once in a while and in moderation, but try emphasizing more nutritious options at your next party. Being […]