Food Smart Colorado is a collection of information about food, nutrition, health, food safety, and various recipes and how-to’s that has been developed over many years by Extension faculty, staff, and students at Colorado State University.

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Current members of our team include :

Marisa Bunning

Work Title: Professor and Extension Specialist – Food Safety
Favorite Food: Okra – fried, pickled, or in gumbo!
A bit about Marisa: After a long and meandering journey around the world, I realized I wanted to focus on the importance of food safety and quality and food’s role in connecting us to past generations as well as our current environment. Click here for my faculty bio.

Jessica Clifford, MS, RDN

Work Title: Extension Specialist – Nutrition
Favorite Food: Home-grown garden tomatoes
A bit about Jessica: Jessica provides nutrition education outreach across the state to help Coloradans make healthy choices and lead a healthy lifestyle. Aside from her work, Jessica enjoys any outdoor adventures, traveling, and cooking.

Anne Kozil, MS, RDN

Work Title: Extension Specialist – Nutrition
Favorite Food: A hearty salad
A bit about Anne: Anne joined the Extension team after years of working in clinical dietetics and nutrition counseling. She uses her medical and nutrition science background to provide nutrition education and outreach to Coloradans with a focus on disease prevention, management and healthy living.

Elisa Shackelton

Elisa Shackelton

Work Title: Extension Specialist – Digital Outreach Communication
Favorite Food: Sourdough bread – a staple in my household and always have plenty of starter to share with anyone interested! My mantra: Give us this day our daily (sourdough) bread!
A bit about Elisa: Elisa has been a health educator for over 35 years, transitioning from classroom teaching to online technology and delivery over the past decade. Her true passion is helping others learn relevant and timely information or skills, and then seeing the pride and self-satisfaction they gain by doing so.