Successfully Shopping for One

Shopping and eating for one may have its challenges, but can also be fun since you know what you like and have control and freedom to choose what you want to eat.

Plan Ahead

Plan out what you will eat each day so that you are prepared when you walk into the grocery store. Try to use up leftovers or extras from one meal to use in another. That way, you can minimize the amount of food you buy and reduce waste. After a long day at school or work, you won’t have to think about what food to make, because you will have planned it ahead of time.

Make a List

Based on your meal plan, make a list! Check your cabinets for ingredients you already have to avoid buying multiples. Jot down the items and amounts that you do need, and bring your list to the store.

Shop More Often

Fresh produce and meats often go bad before a single person can eat them all. To avoid this, try to make smaller, more frequent shopping trips. This way, your food will stay fresh! If shopping more often is not possible, think of ways to make food last, such as buying dried or canned, or storing items in the freezer.

Buy Only What You Need

Yes, that huge bag of lettuce may be cheaper than the smaller one, but if you are not going to use it before it goes bad, then you won’t be saving any money. For perishable foods, it is best to just buy what you need.

Share with a Friend

Buy too much? Make a huge meal? If you can’t use something before it goes bad, offer to share or swap with a roommate or friend. You could also invite some friends over for dinner!

Have you ever grocery shopped on an empty stomach and realized everything looked good?

To avoid impulse buys, have a snack before you head to the store. Not only will this help you stick to your list, it can help you save money!