Think Your Drink: Alcoholic Beverages

Going to the bars on a weekend is a common outing for many college students. Hanging out with friends, catching the game, and meeting new people are things people often look forward to. The bars encourage a social environment, and a drink is a standard variable within this setting. Have you ever thought to compare your favorite drink with other alcoholic beverages?

What You Should Know:

  • The type of drink is not what affects an individual, but rather the amount of alcohol in each drink.
  • Percent alcohol content varies between different beverages:
    • Serving of regular beer = 12 fluid oz. = 5% alcohol
    • Serving of table wine = 5 fluid oz. = 12% alcohol
    • Serving of hard liquor = 1.5 fluid oz. = 40% alcohol
  • Alcohol affects men and women differently:
    • Women tend to have a higher content of body fat and less body water. This leads to a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood in comparison to a man who has consumed the same amount.
    • Women also have a smaller quantity of the dehydrogenase enzyme which breaks down alcohol in the stomach.
  • Calories come from the alcohol in a beverage and many ingredients added to it, such as sweeteners, juices, or sodas.

Ways to Limit Your Spending and Consumption:

  • When you go out to the bars, set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend for the evening. This will help save money and limit your alcohol consumption.
  • Watch for happy hour pricing, coupon deals and special events at your favorite hangouts.
  • Split a pitcher of beer with some friends! It not only saves money, but also helps control consumption.

What counts as one drink?