Choosing a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Being mindful of caloric and fat intake, being active, and living a healthy lifestyle are all keys to managing weight and preventing being overweight or obese. Selecting a healthy diet plan for weight loss, however, can be difficult with so many weight loss programs, diets, and products to choose from!

The following tips are designed to assist you when looking at a new or unfamiliar weight loss plan and help you choose the healthiest and safest plan for the weight loss results you are seeking.

Tips for Selecting a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Make sure the weight loss program, product, or diet DOES NOT:

  • Recommend eating less than 1,200 calories per day.
  • Cut out certain foods or consider them “bad.”
  • Claim fast and drastic weight loss.
  • Promote specially made food or vitamin supplements.

Make sure the weight loss program, product, or diet DOES:

  • Emphasize slow and steady weight loss.
  • Encourage a balanced diet and reasonable portion sizes.
  • Minimize hunger.
  • Recommend healthy lifestyle habits like physical activity.
  • Fit into your lifestyle.
  • Use certified staff such as registered dietitians, doctors, nurses, and other nutrition or exercise professionals.

For successful weight loss, try to eat a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and also plenty of water. If you eat dairy products, choose low- or fat-free dairy products. By choosing these foods more often, you will likely consume fewer calories and higher amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition to weight loss, a healthy diet plan should also help sustain or improve normal bodily function and disease prevention.

Did You Know?

The DASH diet plan lowers risk of disease and does not require cutting calories. It closely follows the Dietary Guidelines for Americans by emphasizing:

For healthy weight loss and management as well as disease prevention, consider choosing the DASH diet plan. Check out our handouts about the DASH Diet for more information.