Getting Started with Physical Activity

Sometimes taking the first step can be the hardest part of being active. Listed below are a few tips to help you in getting started.

Set a goal. Before you start, take some time to determine your goals for being active. Whether it means getting out for a short walk every day or running a 10k, knowing where you want to end up is important.

Know your fitness level. Your current fitness or activity level may help you decide how you want to move forward. For example, if you aren’t a runner, signing up for a marathon may not be the best activity to start with. You may be more successful if you start with an activity within your comfort zone or previous experience.

Plan your activity. Are you trying to run a 5K, want to start lifting weights, or plan to try rock climbing? Make it work with your schedule. Maybe you will wake up earlier, take a lunch break, or take time after work for your physical activity time.

Have proper equipment. Be sure you have the right equipment before starting anything new. This can range from having comfortable shoes and clothing, to purchasing a yoga mat or pedometer.

Make it fun! By staying positive you’re more likely to enjoy your activity as well as create lasting habits. Try a new class, enjoy the outdoors, or take up hula-hooping to make the most of your experience. Whatever it is, make sure it is enjoyable to you!

Getting started can be hard, but having reasonable expectations and trying new or different activities can make it easier and more enjoyable to be active. Give it a try!

Did You Know?

Setting physical activity goals can be a great way to get and stay inspired. Try writing down your activity goals at the beginning of the week and tracking your progress. Reward yourself for weekly progress, and if you are struggling, find where improvements can be made.