Planning Ahead for Physical Activity

By planning ahead, you will be more likely to fit physical activity into your daily schedule and more quickly be able to achieve your health goals!

Create a successful physical activity plan using the strategies listed below.

  • Organize the night before. Set yourself up for success by preparing and planning the night before. If you are planning a hike the next day, select a trail, location, departure time and make a list of everything that you will need to bring. Plan to pack a lunch and snacks to fuel your day. Also, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and set an alarm. Organizing details the night before can make physical activity a breeze the next day.
  • Write it in your daily planner. Include physical activity on your agenda or planner just as you would a meeting or appointment, making it a scheduled priority. Avoid the risk of “out of sight out of mind” by making sure that you see your physical activity reminder!
  • Bring walking shoes to work. To encourage and remind you to walk during your lunch break or other breaks at work, keep a pair of active shoes by your desk. This way you can easily change shoes and go for a brisk walk during the day. Make sure to position them in a place that you can easily see them!
  • Schedule a time with a friend. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee or going out to eat, set a time to meet up to go for a walk. This will help you both have someone to be held accountable to by pre-scheduling it into your day.
  • Create a list. As you think of ideas or hear about fitness opportunities from friends, make a list of activities you would like to do. Put the list on your desk or refrigerator for easy access during the day. Then, when you are looking for a way to be active, you can simply pick one of the ideas on the list.

Did You Know?

Only 30 minutes of physical activity can have great health benefits. Whatever form it is in, try to plan ahead to fit physical activity into your day!