Stability Ball Training

Stability ball training is a total body conditioning method that can be used to improve strength, balance, posture, body awareness, and coordination while using a large, air-filled, light, round ball. The stability ball is a useful piece of exercise equipment and can be incorporated when attempting to meet the strength training physical activity guidelines.

Sizing Your Stability Ball

It is important to use the right sized ball for your size. This table can assist you in deciding what size ball is right for you. When you are sitting on the ball your knees should be at a 90-degree angle and your thighs should be parallel to the floor.

Height Ball Size
5’7 and Under 55cm
5’8-6’2 65cm
6’3-6’9 75cm
Over 6’9 85cm

Inflating Your Stability Ball

Your stability ball can be inflated with a bicycle pump, air mattress pump, air compressor, or with lungs. Use the wall-marker test as your guidance when inflating– mark a line on the wall at the appropriate height based on the sizing table above, place a leveled ruler on the top of the ball as you inflate it and when the ruler reaches your line it is at the correct height.

Based on your skill level you can inflate the ball more or less. Beginners should inflate the ball slightly less to make it more stable, while those who are more advanced should inflate the ball slightly more to make it less stable.

Stability Ball Safety

  • Do not bounce your ball while bending or twisting.
  • Do not train on slippery surfaces. Instead, find an open space free of sharp objects.
  • Perform all of your exercises slowly and with proper control and form.
  • Wear comfortable footwear and clothing that allows for full range of motion while using your ball.
  • Do not use heavy weights while training on your ball.
  • Only one person should use a stability ball at a time.
  • To avoid damage, do not keep your ball near a heat source or exposed to sun or water for extended periods.
  • Inspect your ball for damage prior to use and replaced it if damage is seen.
  • Before you begin an exercise movement on your ball take a moment to make sure that you have gained balance and posture.

By following these sizing and safety tips, you are more likely to feel comfortable using your stability ball, as well as have a safe, beneficial, and enjoyable experience

Did You Know?

While it can be useful, you do not have to use weights when meeting the strength training physical activity guidelines. Body weight provides enough resistance to have positive health impacts.