Tips to Be an Active Family

Including physical activity into your family’s routine has lifelong benefits. Being physically active as a family is one way to spend time together, promote healthy living and experience numerous health benefits. While many families’ schedules are busy, there are many ways to make physical activity part of your regular lifestyle.

Try fitting more physical activity into your family’s schedule by:

  • Maximizing your time: Have your spouse or partner take the kids for a walk or bike ride while you prepare dinner one evening, and then switch roles the next night.
  • Encouraging children to help: Children can be great helpers, assisting with activities and chores such as walking the dog, helping in the garden, washing the car, and other tasks around the home that encourage staying active, while still getting work done!
  • Keeping balls, jump ropes or a frisbee in the car: You never know when you will have a few extra minutes, so take this time to do something active with your family. If you get to an appointment ten minutes early, go for a short walk, play Frisbee, or jump rope together.
  • Doing a pedometer challenge: Think about purchasing pedometers for your family. Wearing a pedometer is a great way to see how active you are during the day. Have a fun family competition and see who can get the most steps each day or each week and post the winner’s name on a note on the fridge.
  • Finding free activities: Find activities in the community that are free or inexpensive. For instance, pack a picnic and go to the park, or plan a hike for a weekend activity.
  • Putting on some music: Turn off the TV, put on some upbeat music and dance with your child while you are preparing dinner. This is a fun way to be moving and spending time together.

Being active as a family allows everyone to experience the numerous benefits of physical activity!

Did You Know?

Children need to be active in order to sleep well. When you are active with you child, you will both sleep better and benefit from it!