Walking and Running

Walking and running are great ways to be physically active and they can be done practically anywhere. Get outside or go to your favorite gym and enjoy the many health benefits of increasing your physical activity.

Need some help getting started? Here are a few things to think about:

  • Use proper footwear and active wear. While you can walk or run in any shoe, try to find walking/running shoes that are supportive and comfortable. When deciding what clothes to wear, choose clothing that is not restrictive and allows your body to move comfortably.
  • Focus on your form. When walking or running, stand up tall, and make sure you are not leaning forward or backward. Move your opposite arm and opposite leg together, bend your arms at the elbow, and make loose fists with your hands. Focus on landing on the middle of each foot and then rolling to the front of each foot. It is important to have proper form to stay safe and avoid injury.
  • Gradually increase the time or distance. It can be beneficial to gradually increase either the speed or distance that you walk or run, if you feel ready. Make sure that your speed and distance increases are minimal, such as by five minutes a day, in order to avoid injury.

Looking for some extra walking or running motivation? Try one of these:

  • Sign up for a local 5k. Working toward walking or running a 5k race can be a great way to stay motivated and challenge yourself. If you have already done a 5k race, see if you can improve by running a faster time!
  • Find a group. Walking or running with a group is one way to stay motivated and to meet like-minded individuals. If there is not a walking or running group already in your community, start one by finding one or two friends or neighbors to walk or run with.
  • Listen to music. To help get motivated and energized, consider listening to upbeat music while you walk or run.

Find your favorite way to incorporate a walk or run into your daily routine!

Did You Know?

Walking is the most commonly reported form of aerobic physical activity. Try taking a walk after dinner, walking with your dog, or taking a walk during your lunch break at work!