Being Active in the Spring

Spring is a great time to be active in Colorado. While some days are sunny and warm, other days can be cooler and wet. Finding activities that you enjoy both outside and indoors can allow you to be physically active, even with Colorado’s unpredictable spring weather.

Here are ideas to re-energize your body and be active in the spring:

  • Get outside for a bike ride. Now that the snow has melted and the temperature is warming up, it is a great time to get outside for a bike ride. For a safe ride, make sure to wear a helmet and choose a bike path that has little traffic.
  • Play tennis with a friend. Spring is a perfect time to hit the tennis courts. Find a tennis court outside at a local park, or inside at the gym. Grab a partner, two rackets, tennis balls, and have fun! If a tennis court is not available near you, try playing in your neighborhood by hitting the ball back and forth.
  • Breathe deep with yoga. Add movement and flexibility to your day with yoga. Try practicing in a community setting at a local park or gym, or at your home. Enjoy the benefits of activity, better balance and stress-relief.
  • Explore a nature center. For Spring days that are chillier, visit one of the many nature centers in Colorado. They are great places for the whole family, with many activities and displays.
  • Escape for a run. Whether you have been running through the winter, or you are just getting back into shape, running can be the perfect escape. Try running on a trail, a community track, or inside at the gym on cooler days.

Let the weather be your guide, as you explore ways to be active inside and outside this spring!

Did You Know?

Spring in Colorado officially starts with the Spring Equinox, which falls on March 19, 20, or 21, depending on the year.

The days will then start to get longer, allowing more hours of daylight and opportunities to be physically active outside.