Be A Healthy Holiday Role Model

Wash your hands

Remember to wash your hands frequently and encourage others to also, especially before handling food!

Maintain a good work-life balance

Find a healthy balance between work commitments and holiday festivities.

Handle foods safely

Use a food thermometer to check cooking temperatures and refrigerate leftovers promptly.

Get enough sleep

When you are well rested and energetic, everyone around you benefits!

Balance calories with activities

Enjoy your favorite holiday foods in moderation and encourage everyone to go for a walk together before or after a meal.

Offer to lend a hand

Holidays are the perfect time to engage in kind acts, such as helping a neighbor or volunteering at the food bank.

Keep healthy foods nearby

Prepare healthy food options such as fruits and veggies to have on hand.

Stay hydrated

Carry a water bottle wherever you go and offer your guests water or other non-sweetened beverages.