Brighten Up a Windowless Workspace

Are you longing for natural light and fresh air in your windowless workspace? Although you might not be able to change your location, there are many things that you can do to create a more vibrant atmosphere.

Square pot with a variety of succulent plants.

Refresh and brighten your workspace using the strategies listed below.

  • Add a sunlight desk lamp. Sunlight lamps provide a full spectrum of light that has the eye soothing benefits of natural light. You can purchase a sunlight desk lamp online or at a local home goods store. Try adding a sunlight lamp to your desk to brighten your workspace.
  • Create better flow with a fan. Create a better flow by adding a fan to your workspace. Circulating air will create a light breeze refreshing your work experience. To reduce dust and allergens, use an air purifier with a fan for improved air quality.
  • Green things up with plants or flowers. Putting a plant in your office can have many health benefits. Plants have been shown to increase oxygen and improve air quality. Keep in mind that not all plants can survive with low sunlight. Choose a plant that can thrive in a low light room, such as a peace lily, dracaena, lucky bamboo, fichus, or Chinese evergreen. Increase color and experience the health benefits of adding a plant to your office. If you don’t have a green thumb or the time to care for a plant, treat yourself to a vase of cut flowers every once in a while!   
  • Brighten your space with pictures. Pictures can add color and make your workspace your own. Try adding a framed picture to your wall, or a digital picture on your desktop screen saver. Include bright and peaceful landscapes that help you feel at ease in your space. Looking at a picture, similar to looking out of an office window, can help you take a break and reduce stress during your day.

Refresh and brighten your workspace and begin reaping the benefits!

Did You Know?

  • Adding a mirror to your workspace will not only reflect light and make it brighter, but also make your space appear larger.
  • Strategically placing a mirror to reflect the entrance to your workspace also allows you to see if anyone is approaching.