How to Thrive Instead of Survive a Desk Job

Do long hours of stationary desk work leave you feeling exhausted, dull, or overweight? Are you tired of consuming endless amounts of coffee and sugary snacks during the workday to stay energized? Quit surviving and start thriving at work by adding more movement, energy, and excitement to your workday. Try incorporating the following practices into your daily work routine for a more vibrant and satisfying experience! 

  • Shake it up. Shake up your work routine by staying hydrated and choosing healthful food options to keep you energized and alert at work. Instead of going for another cup of coffee, stay hydrated with water, tea, or a fruit and vegetable smoothie. For sustained energy and increased satiety, try eating a high-protein snack. Lightly salted nuts and seeds, hummus and veggies, or fruit and nut butter are a few excellent options.
  • Mix it up. Are you tired of sitting at your desk all day? Try working at a standing workstation for part of the day to add variety. Standing workstations are available for purchase or can be made by stacking your monitor and keyboard on a few books, a printer, or a shelf. Let your imagination be your guide as you create your own personal workstation.
  • Take a break. Did you know that breaks can lead to greater productivity at work? Try leaving your desk every hour or two for a ten-minute movement break. Walk around your building or enjoy a breath of fresh air outside. If you have a lunch break, try being physically active outside, or at the employee gym. Return to work feeling refreshed.
  • Build relationships. Taking time to get to know or brainstorm with a co-worker can be an excellent way to boost job satisfaction and creativity. Saying β€œhello” or smiling at co-workers can help to build a positive workspace that you look forward to returning to each day.

Stop surviving and start thriving at your desk job by making nutrition, movement, and positive relationships a priority in your workday!

Did You Know?

  • Nearly eighty percent of American jobs are sedentary, contributing to the high prevalence of overweight and obese adults.
  • Adding activity to work breaks during the day and outside of work, can help to prevent weight gain and increase energy during the day.