Quick and Easy Snacks for Athletes

Snacking right can help keep you satisfied and on top of your game. Always keep carbohydrates and protein in mind! Carbohydrates keep your body fueled, so you can use protein to repair and rebuild muscle.

Seven Quick and Easy Snacks

Yogurt and fruit: Greek yogurt has the most protein, but other yogurts will still provide you with plenty of protein. Fresh, canned, and frozen fruit all work great. Try adding granola as well, or blend it all up with frozen fruit or ice and enjoy it as a smoothie!

Peanut butter and jelly (or banana) sandwich: Any nut butter will do. The jelly or banana slices provide you with the simple carbohydrates that will be immediately available to your muscles, and the nut butter provides protein and fat. This is an awesome snack an hour or two before, or right after, exercise.

Whole-wheat toast with cheese: This snack is fully loaded with protein, carbs, and fat, which will be sure to keep your body prepared for the next move. Other great toast toppings include turkey or an egg.

Trail mix: Make your own trail mix with your favorite dried fruits, nuts and seeds. If you have a hard time digesting high-fat foods near an event, use more fruit and fewer nuts in the mix. Add some pretzels to change it up!

Hummus and Carrots: A carton of hummus and package of baby carrots is an easy snack to pick up on the go, or you can make your own hummus!

Chocolate milk: Many athletes find solid food close to game time unappetizing. Milk, of any flavor, can be easier to digest than solid snacks, and contains a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

Fresh fruit: Fruit such as an apple, banana, or grapes can be a great option for right before a workout, faster to digest than protein and fat. Add cheese or nuts for a more filling, well-rounded snack.

More tips….

  • Try to eat at least an hour before exercise so your body has time to digest.
  • Eat carbohydrates and protein right after an intense workout, to replenish your glycogen stores and rebuild muscle.
  • Pay attention to what works for you body–one size does not fit all.
  • To get a variety of nutrients, aim for snacks that include foods from at least 2 food groups.