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Food safety during pregnancy

Food Safety During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time when food choices and safe handling of food take on new importance. Pregnant women are at increased risk for foodborne illnesses. Hormonal changes during pregnancy suppress certain aspects of the mother’s immune system. Although important for the development of the baby, this can make her […]


Making a Smooth Transition to Solid Foods

Introducing semi-solid and solid foods to your infant can be a confusing and complex process. Typically, infants should start on solid foods at around 6 months, although it depends on the individual baby’s developmental readiness. For help making your baby’s transition to solid foods a smooth one, check out the […]


Improving Fertility Through Lifestyle

Fertility is a complex process, and some barriers are out of your control. However, listed below are several diet and lifestyle changes that may improve your chances of getting pregnant. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight Both overweight and underweight women may have decreased fertility, usually related to overproduction or […]