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Timing of Meals and Snacks for Athletes

Timing Your Nutrition What you put into your body before, during, and after exercise can help you train longer and perform better. The right food at the right time also helps to decrease your risk of injury, improve your strength, and help you recover more quickly. Get the timing right […]


Healthier Eating Out

With Americans eating out an average of four to five times per week, it is definitely becoming more common in our daily lives. Not only can eating out be more convenient, but it also can foster more opportunities to socialize with friends and family and contribute to a healthy diet. […]


Mindful Eating

Think back to when you were a child. Were you ever told to “clean your plate”? Many of us are so used to the idea that we must eat everything served, that we become disconnected from how our bodies are feeling. We may no longer even know if we are […]