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Baby being fed with a spoon while sitting in high chair

Safe Handling of Baby, Infant, and Toddler Food

Safe food handling is critical when feeding babies – they are more susceptible to foodborne illnesses since their immune systems are still developing. Follow these tips to help protect the health of young ones! Safe Handling of Baby Food Making your own baby food: Making your own baby food can […]


10 Healthy Food Activities for Children’s Parties

Food-related party activities are a great way to incorporate healthy foods into a party while making it fun! Engaging children in making or growing their own foods is not only a great learning experience for them, but also can be a more memorable and rewarding one. Choose your favorites from […]


Getting to Know Portion Sizes

Knowing and using the recommended portion sizes for foods is an important part to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Food portions may be best understood by comparing the foods to common household items, weighing them on a food scale, or measuring foods using standard measuring cups. Packaged foods often […]