Being Active at Work

By utilizing one or more of the following strategies, you can find a way that works for you to incorporate physical activity into your work day. By making physical activity a part of each day, you will be more productive while at work, more pleasant to be around, and will feel all-around better!

Do resistance band exercises: Purchase a resistance band to keep by your desk. This can make it convenient and easy to spend 5-10 minutes during the day doing strength training exercises.

Stand while on the phone: While on the phone, consider standing up, even if only for a minute or two. Standing will allow blood to circulate, will increase the amount of calories you burn, and can provide variety to sitting all day.

Take a 10 minute walking break: Set an alarm on your computer, to remind you to take a brief walk 2-3 times during the workday. You will come back feeling refreshed and ready to be more efficient and productive at work!

Schedule walking meetings: Instead of traditional meetings, try having a walking meeting. This way, you can accomplish work and physical activity simultaneously. Plus, you may find that ideas flow better while you are physically moving!

Be strategic with your work space: Place your printer, trash can, scanner and other similar items away from your desk so that you have to stand up and walk to them when needed during the day.

Consider biking to work: If location allows, consider biking to work, even if only one day per week. This will allow you to be physically active while also saving money and helping the environment.

Get a stability ball: Keep an exercise ball near your desk and set a reminder on your computer each day so you remember to use it. View guidelines and tips for selecting and using a stability ball.

Making small changes can have great health benefits! Start seeing how many ways you can make physical activity a part of your work day!

Did You Know?

Studies have shown that it is greatly beneficial to break up long periods of sitting by standing up to stretch or taking a brief walking break. Try to stand up at least once every hour during the workday.