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Selecting Healthy Breakfast Cereal for Children

What’s in Your Child’s Breakfast Cereal? While most children’s cereals are fortified with beneficial vitamins and minerals, many are also often highly processed, can be loaded with sugar, and have little to no fiber. Recently, cereal manufacturers have been pressured to modify their recipes to make whole grain the first […]


Quick Breakfast Ideas for Children

Like many people, you may find it hard to prepare a nutritious breakfast for your child in the morning as you are rushing out the door. You’ve probably heard, too, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet too many Americans skips breakfast. Encourage your child to […]


Important Nutrition for Health and Growth

Children Need a Variety of Foods Throughout childhood, it is important that the diet include a variety of foods for proper growth and development. The USDA’s MyPlate is a guide to help you build a healthy plate at every meal. The principles of MyPlate apply to a child’s diet as […]