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Ideas for Healthy School Treats

Special occasions celebrated at school are fun for everyone, but often these celebrations include treats that are loaded with sugar, salt, and/or saturated fat. Consider some of the healthier treats listed below for your child’s next school celebration. When available, choose whole grain options for fiber, a nutrient commonly deficient […]



Consuming enough liquids throughout the day is important for proper hydration as well as reducing the likelihood of dehydration. Dehydration occurs when not enough water is consumed to replace the fluids lost through urine, feces, sweating, and breathing.                   Thirst may be the first sign of dehydration. Urine color is also […]


10 Healthy Food Activities for Children’s Parties

Food-related party activities are a great way to incorporate healthy foods into a party while making it fun! Engaging children in making or growing their own foods is not only a great learning experience for them, but also can be a more memorable and rewarding one. Choose your favorites from […]