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Overview of Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Edition

What are the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans? The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans were created by experts to guide Americans to a more active lifestyle. Since 2008, when the first Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans were developed, new evidence has emerged to support physical activity. These guidelines were developed […]


Relieving Stress at Home

From the neighbor’s barking dog to money problems, stress at home can decrease overall quality of life and health. Long-term stress can impact energy and attention levels as well as increase your risk of serious health problems. With the right approach and strategies, stress at home can be reduced and […]


Staying Active Through Disease Recovery

Staying active through disease and recovery is important for the body to stay strong and healthy. Commonly, individuals struggling through disease and recovery may feel frustrated, tired, and may not realize the benefits of being physically active. Listed below are some of the reasons why staying active through disease and […]