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Physical Fitness and Health

Nutrition and physical activity are important parts for living a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity coupled with proper nutrition is necessary to maintain a healthy weight. How Much Physical Activity Should You Get Each Week? 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity Walking fast Water aerobics Mowing the lawn with a push mower Riding a […]


Improving Fertility Through Lifestyle

Fertility is a complex process, and some barriers are out of your control. However, listed below are several diet and lifestyle changes that may improve your chances of getting pregnant. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight Both overweight and underweight women may have decreased fertility, usually related to overproduction or […]


Healthy Growth Management for Children

Maintaining a healthy weight throughout childhood can make it easier for children to continue to manage their weight through adulthood. But, while it is important to encourage children to maintain a healthy weight, parents and caregivers should avoid making negative statements about food, weight, size, and body shape. Additionally, weight-loss […]