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Fruit Empanadas and Tortillas

Fruit Empanadas Empanadas are stuffed pastries, similar to turnovers, which are baked or fried. These popular snacks that originated in Latin America can be savory or sweet but only fruit-filled empanadas can be sold as cottage foods in Colorado. Tortillas Tortillas, originating in Mexico, are a type of soft, thin […]



Products baked with flours, such as breads, are very popular in our society. The three parts of the wheat kernel — the bran, germ, and endosperm — are separated during milling and recombined to create different types of flours. Although any grain can be used to make flour, wheat flour […]


Dehydrated Produce

Dehydrating foods is an age-old practice that has been used extensively throughout history. Dehydrating produce removes water from the product, extending its shelf life. Under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act, only dehydrated produce is allowed -jetkies and other dehydrated meat products are not permitted. Potential Products FruitsDehydrated slices or chopped pieces […]