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Dehydrated Produce

Dehydrating foods is an age-old practice that has been used extensively throughout history. Dehydrating produce removes water from the product, extending its shelf life. Under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act, only dehydrated produce is allowed -jetkies and other dehydrated meat products are not permitted. Potential Products FruitsDehydrated slices or chopped pieces […]


Baked Goods

These products are among the most popular food items in our society. Certain baked goods are considered non-potentially hazardous foods under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act and can be sold as cottage foods. Potential Products Only non-potentially hazardous baked goods are allowed. Baked goods such as cream, custard, or meringue pies, […]


Gluten Free Baking

by F. Watson, M. Stone and M. Bunning* (11/17) Quick Facts… Baking without gluten can be challenging because gluten contributes important properties to baked goods. A wide variety of gluten-free flours, starches and baking aids can be used to produce high quality baked products. Using combinations of various gluten-free products can […]