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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a diet trend that has garnered a great deal of popular attention over the past few years. Followers of intermittent fasting incorporate fasting methods traditionally reserved for religious, medical, or sociopolitical purposes into their daily diet patterns by alternating intervals of extreme calorie reduction with intervals of […]


Physical Activity Guidelines for Pregnancy and Postpartum Women

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that women who are pregnant or postpartum should engage in regular physical activity, under the supervision of their healthcare provider. Pregnancy and Postpartum Recommendations Keep it up. Women who regularly engaged in vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or who were physically active before pregnancy, can […]


Physical Activity Guidelines for Youth

Children need physical activity to grow and develop—from their brains to their bones. Help encourage children to be physically active through a variety of activities and being an active role model. Recommendations for Children 3-5 years old Grow and develop. Children ages 3-5 need physical activity to help them grow […]