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Quick and Easy Snacks for Athletes

Snacking right can help keep you satisfied and on top of your game. Always keep carbohydrates and protein in mind! Carbohydrates keep your body fueled, so you can use protein to repair and rebuild muscle. Seven Quick and Easy Snacks Yogurt and fruit: Greek yogurt has the most protein, but other […]


Timing of Meals and Snacks for Athletes

Timing Your Nutrition What you put into your body before, during, and after exercise can help you train longer and perform better. The right food at the right time also helps to decrease your risk of injury, improve your strength, and help you recover more quickly. Get the timing right […]


Quick and Easy Meals for Athletes

Being an athlete can require a lot of time running from practice to work to trainings–not leaving much time for meal planning, shopping or cooking. However, by keeping healthy and fresh ingredients on hand, you can have nutritious meals and snacks ready quickly and easily. Try these recipes to see […]