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Sorghum is another grain you can include to add variety to your meals! It is an ancient grain that is native to Africa. Also, it is drought- and heat-resistant And a staple in many parts of the world. Why Eat Sorghum? People typically eat sorghum as a whole grain, with […]



Oats make a great, healthy addition to your daily routine! Learn why this nutrient-dense, inexpensive whole grain deserves a prominent place in your diet. Why Eat Oats? Oats are high in fiber (especially soluble fiber), which may help control cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and reduce the risk for heart disease. Compounds […]



Looking for a tasty whole grain to add variety to your meals? Why not try millet? Millet  is used in many cultures around the world, from flatbread in India, to beer and porridge in Africa. It is also produced in China and other parts of Asia. Why Eat Millet? Millet […]