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Healthier Eating Out

With Americans eating out an average of four to five times per week, it is definitely becoming more common in our daily lives. Not only can eating out be more convenient, but it also can foster more opportunities to socialize with friends and family and contribute to a healthy diet. […]


Cooking For One

Cooking for one can be a challenge. Try some of the tips below to make cooking for one fast and easy. Buy ingredients for more than one recipe: Buying a large list of ingredients can seem overwhelming, especially when a recipe only calls for a small portion of an item. […]


Allergen-Free Packed Lunch Ideas

Packed lunches are a healthy and affordable alternative to dining out. They are also an easy way to avoid cross-contamination that can accidentally happen at cafeterias and restaurants. Though not all brown bagged staples are appropriate for all allergies, below are some suggestions for accommodating specific allergies by making substitutions […]