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Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that older adults should move more and sit less. However, any physical activity is better than none, as even five minutes of physical activity has immediate health benefits. Older Adult Recommendations Choose variety. Engage in a variety of exercises that include aerobic, muscle-strengthening […]


Bone Health and Older Adults

Maintaining bone health is very important, since bone density gradually decreases with age. However, there are exercises you can do as an older adult to promote bone health and to slow this loss of bone density. Being physically active helps promote bone health and reduce the risk of falling, by […]


Balance Activities for Older Adults

Balance activities can help you maintain bone and muscle strength, improve posture, and decrease the risk of injury from falling. Try incorporating balancing activities into your daily routine to maintain a vibrant and healthful life. Getting Started Find a stable surface to hold on to. This could be a chair, […]