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Relieving Stress at Home

From the neighbor’s barking dog to money problems, stress at home can decrease overall quality of life and health. Long-term stress can impact energy and attention levels as well as increase your risk of serious health problems. With the right approach and strategies, stress at home can be reduced and […]


Creating a Sleep Friendly Space

A well-planned sleep environment can be the secret to a good night’s rest. Regardless of where you sleep, the right setup can greatly increase the amount you sleep as well as your sleep quality. Consider these suggestions when designing your sleep-inducing space. Temperature. The slight rise and fall of body […]


Adding Variety to Your Physical Activity

Adding variety to your physical activity routine can help you to stay mentally engaged and motivated. Avoid boredom by finding new and exciting ways to shake up your physical activity habits. Try one or more of these suggestions: Vary the speed. Whether you enjoy walking, running, biking, or some other […]