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High Altitude Food Preparation Guide

Newcomers to Colorado or those traveling to the mountains are often surprised when favorite recipes made perfectly at sea level fail to produce expected results when made at higher elevation. Whether boiling eggs, preparing a roast or baking cookies, small adjustments can often improve the results. More complex foods may […]


Kitchen Essentials

If you have a small kitchen or a shared cooking space, you may also have limited kitchen storage. Here are some of the essential things you may need to make the most of your space and cooking: Microwave-safe nested mixing bowls Baking dish Sheet pan Three-quart pot Small fry pan […]



Chocolate can be good for you – it almost sounds too good to be true! Yet, in the last few years, the myth that chocolate has no nutritional value has been shown to be false. Dark chocolate – when consumed in moderation and within one’s recommended daily caloric requirements – […]