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Guide to Handling Fresh Produce

by E. Shackelton, A. Zander and M. Bunning *(4/2020) Quick Facts… Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential and flavorful part of a healthful diet. Types of fresh produce vary widely, from root vegetables to delicate berries, and recommended methods of cleaning depend on the type and characteristics of the produce. […]


Cocktails: Mix Them Safe

Food Safety Tips for Mixed Drinks Always wash your hands prior to mixing drinks and before adding ingredients like ice, olives, or fresh fruit slices. A food safe alternative for cocktails calling for raw egg is to use pasteurized shell eggs or a pasteurized liquid egg product. The preference for […]


Healthy Eating in the College Dorm

One nice thing about most college dining halls is that they serve buffet style, so you can refill your plate as many times as you would like without having to pay any additional fees. But this also can make it very easy to overeat, since you don’t see everything you […]