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Health Benefits of Colorado Hiking

Hiking is a fantastic way to explore Colorado’s extensive networks of trails and outdoor open spaces and engage in physical activity. Health benefits of hiking include: Cardiovascular endurance: Hiking is a form of aerobic activity that helps to increase heart health. Muscle strength: Hiking utilizes different muscles than walking on […]


Bone Health for Women

Maintaining bone health is very important, since bone density gradually decreases with age. Bone health starts at a young age by developing healthy habits, such as being physically active. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis due to their smaller bones and changes in the hormone estrogen. However, there are […]


Being Active with Your Partner

Are you tired of date night always revolving around food and drinks? Put excitement and energy back into your relationship by planning more opportunities for being active together—instead of or in addition to eating! Here are a few ideas to help you step into your next date night adventure: Go […]