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What is a Healthy Dietary Pattern

A healthy dietary pattern includes the combination of all the foods and beverages an individual consumes over time. All foods and beverages work together to create a healthy eating puzzle to meet nutritional needs over an individual’s lifespan at each stage of life. A healthy eating pattern can be adapted […]


Weight Loss Strategies for Vegetarians

Research shows that vegetarians and vegans tend to weigh less than their meat-eating counterparts. This could be due to the typical vegetarian diet, which is generally higher in fiber than diets containing meat, but lower in calories, protein, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. That said, even the healthiest foods can […]


Think Your Drink: Alcoholic Beverages

Going to the bars on a weekend is a common outing for many college students. Hanging out with friends, catching the game, and meeting new people are things people often look forward to. The bars encourage a social environment, and a drink is a standard variable within this setting. Have […]