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Health Benefits of Colorado Hiking

Hiking is a fantastic way to explore Colorado’s extensive networks of trails and outdoor open spaces and engage in physical activity. Health benefits of hiking include: Cardiovascular endurance: Hiking is a form of aerobic activity that helps to increase heart health. Muscle strength: Hiking utilizes different muscles than walking on […]


Being Active Where You Feel Comfortable

Knowing where, when, and how you are most comfortable being active is important to have the best experience and health outcome. Is the gym right for you? If you enjoy being active indoors in a group setting, the gym might be a great place for you to be active. Gym […]


Being Active in the Winter

Colorado has a wide array of ways to be physically active during the winter months. While the snow and cooler temperatures may tend to make you want to stay indoors and curl up with a movie, try out one or more of the suggestions listed below to get moving and […]