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Understanding Stress

What is stress? Stress is the body’s physical response to being challenged or threatened. Small amounts of stress such as competing in a sporting event or working on a school project can increase productivity. Yet, too much stress can overwhelm our coping abilities, decrease performance, and lower our overall health. […]


Relieving Stress at Home

From the neighbor’s barking dog to money problems, stress at home can decrease overall quality of life and health. Long-term stress can impact energy and attention levels as well as increase your risk of serious health problems. With the right approach and strategies, stress at home can be reduced and […]


Brain Food

Ever feel overwhelmed and stressed out? Whether you are preparing for class finals, a big presentation, or a work meeting, help conquer stress by choosing foods that boost brain power and reduce stress. In addition to getting plenty of sleep and studying hard, eating a well-balanced diet is just as […]