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Get Moving with Walking Meetings

A new trend of walking meetings has not only been shown to increase workplaces satisfaction, but also enhance the development of generating new ideas. Instead of meeting a colleague or client at a desk, try meeting while walking outside or in an open indoor space. Think on your feet while […]


Strategies for Transition Times with Young Children

You know all those times when you have a few minutes that you need to keep your child patiently waiting—like in line at the bank or grocery store, while cooking dinner, or making a phone call? Here are four strategies that you can use to make these transition times with […]


Physical Activity vs. Exercise

Physical activity and exercise are both important components of a healthy lifestyle, but the terms are often used interchangeably or misused. Understanding the difference between physical activity and exercise can help you with your fitness or health goals and better understand how to incorporate both into your life. Physical activity […]