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Vitamin B1

Thiamin is a water-soluble B vitamin that helps to release energy from foods and promote normal appetite. Also, it is important in maintaining proper nervous system function. Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, it cannot be stored in the body and needs to be consumed daily. How much do I […]



Sodium is an important mineral and electrolyte and serves many functions in the body. It helps maintain water balance within cells and pH balance within blood. It is also involved in making sure nerve impulses and muscles function properly. Along with potassium, it plays a large role in regulating blood […]



Selenium is a trace mineral, so only a small amount is required to maintain good health. It is important for reproduction and synthesis of thyroid hormones and DNA. Selenium also helps to activate antioxidant enzymes that protect cells from damage by free radicals and infection. How much do I need? […]