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Cocktails: Mix Them Safe

Food Safety Tips for Mixed Drinks Always wash your hands prior to mixing drinks and before adding ingredients like ice, olives, or fresh fruit slices. A food safe alternative for cocktails calling for raw egg is to use pasteurized shell eggs or a pasteurized liquid egg product. The preference for […]


Food Safety Issues After a Fire

By: Pat Kendall, PhD, RD, Professor and Extension Food Safety Specialist and Colorado State University Extension Fire! Few words can strike such terror. Whether the result of a forest fire, residential fire or fire in the kitchen only, people often try to save what they can – including food. But […]


Food Safety and Storage for Emergency Preparedness

Developed by the Front Range Healthy Lifestyles Issues Team and Colorado State University Extension Below are some tips for planning ahead for such emergencies as a tornado, ice storm, flooding, blizzard, power failure, or illness that would prevent you from getting to the store. An emergency may also result from […]