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Safe Preparation-Handling-Storage

Candy Making at High Elevation

Successful candy making requires achieving the desired degree of sugar concentration for a quality product. Recipes that work at sea level need temperature adjustments when being prepared at higher elevations, directly related to changes in the boiling point. High Elevation Adjustment for Candy For each 1,000 feet above sea level, […]


Safe Food Facts for Community Gardens

by M. Bunning and M. Newby 1(01/2020) Quick Facts… Community gardens offer unique opportunities to enjoy the rewards of growing your own food. To ensure safety and quality, community gardeners should manage gardens and handle fresh produce properly. Following these practical tips can help you enjoy safe garden grown fruits and […]


Home Produced Chicken Eggs

by M. Bunning and J. Avens 1 (01/2020) Quick Facts… Eggs from your own backyard chicken flock can be a convenient and nutritious source of protein, plus they offer the added reward of producing your own food. To ensure egg safety and quality, home producers should manage chickens and handle eggs properly. […]