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Keeping Food Safe: Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes are grown in close contact with the ground, which may occasionally introduce bacterial contamination from soil, water or animals. Contamination from human contact may also arise during or after harvest. Handling and Preparation Always wash hands and utensils (knives and cutting boards) before and after handling melons. Wash the […]


Growing Container Safe Salad Greens

by M. Bunning, F. Stonaker and A. Card 1 (3/2010) Quick Facts… Growing your own salad greens can provide a source of fresh, flavorful leafy vegetables with the added benefit of being able to try interesting varieties. Salad greens are nutrient rich, generally easy to grow, and may be used in a […]


Making Flavored Vinegar (9.340)

by D. Grubb, E. Shackelton, and M. Bunning* (1/21) Quick Facts… Flavored vinegar can enhance salads, marinades, and sauces and may be safely prepared at home. Carefully selected ingredients, clean utensils and containers, and good preparation practices help ensure the safety and quality of flavored vinegar. Store homemade flavored vinegar […]